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Japan’s least populous prefecture with one of the richest craft traditions

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Tottori's Unique Craft Traditions

Various elements have nurtured unique craft traditions in Tottori Prefecture—in relatively close distance, it’s packed with diverse
natural resources of mountain, river, sea, and even (famously) sand dune; its communities’ remote locations and snow in winter means they tend to be rather isolated, requiring people to produce what they need by themselves; led by Shoya Yoshida, Tottori has enjoyed direct access and proximity to Mingei Movement’s legendary figures and their thoughts, making it still one of the most prominent Mingei centers.

Although its diversity means it is difficult to generalize, many of Tottori’scrafts are characterized by high-quality craftsmanship, deep insight into materials, and emphasis on everyday practicality. Both complete products and materials to be worked on, such as washi paper and kasuri fabric, are of high standards, and invite you to imagine how to fully utilize their potential. Less known abroad, Tottori’s craft traditions are hidden gem in Japan, and vividly
reflecting its nature, culture, and people, they all tell stories in the way only crafts can.
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